Human Resource Management


The Human Resource Management Division’s (HRMD) major role is to contribute to individual and organisational success by creating and sustaining a working environment based on performance and leadership; attracting and retaining committed employees who share the Ministry’s values; and ensuring consistency with business objectives.  The HRMD consists of the following sections:  

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Ensuring that all primary schools are adequately staffed. 

Awarding scholarships to Assistant Teachers in pursuit of the Bachelor of Education at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)  .

Deploying Literacy /Numeracy Coaches and Curriculum Writers.

Receiving and processing application for teachers at the primary school level. 

Schedules and conducts interviews for teachers at the primary school level.



Processing applications for entry into the Teaching Service at the secondary level. 

Registration of teachers.

Ensuring that all secondary schools are adequately staffed by filling teaching and administrative vacancies in secondary schools. 

Managing the administration of leave, separations and other terms and conditions of employment. 

Conducts Performance Management including the processing of Performance Appraisals and the award of Increments.