District Music Coordinator


The District Music Coordinator reports to the Project Coordinator, Primary Schools Music Programme Unit and is required to provide managerial support in organizing, coordinating, and supervising the implementation of the Music programme in a specified District. He or she will also be required to establish appropriate collaborative, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that will inform the review of the Primary Schools Music Programme over time.


  • Supervises the implementation of the Primary Schools Music curriculum by assigned Music
  • Supervises the programme of work of Music Instructors (Primary Schools Music Programme).
  • Assists the Project Coordinator in designing, scheduling, and implementing music instructor and music teacher training
  • Assists the Project Coordinator in planning course structure and content in accordance with the relevant music education curricula.
  • Assists the Project Coordinator in preparing, developing, modifying, and evaluating curriculum guides and instructional
  • Assists the Project Coordinator in planning, organising, and managing District and National events for the showcasing of student knowledge and
  • Assists the Project Coordinator with financial tasks and ensuring financial
  • Collaborates with school supervisors and school administrators as needed to realise the objectives of the music education curriculum.
  • Makes recommendations on the provision of equipment and other material required for successful curriculum implementation.
  • Carries out inventory checks on the musical resources given to schools in their districts once per term and makes recommendations on timely maintenance and replenishment of such resources.
  • Establishes a system of monitoring to support optimal usage of musical
  • Submits monthly and quarterly reports on project development and implementation to the Project Coordinator including evaluations of performance of Music Instructors assigned to the district.
  • Performs other duties related to job function that may be assigned from time to time


  • Certification in Teaching as evidenced by possession of a Teacher’s Diploma or
  • Certification and assessment in Music Theory and/or experience in Music performance
  • Sound musical arranging
  • Human resource management and development skills
  • Excellent communications
  • Sound planning and organizing
  • Sound skills in curriculum adaptation to suit the needs of specific musical
  • Sound research skills
  • Basic computer skills.

The closing date for the receipt of applications is April 14, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.